When you first open your workbook, you will fill out the first five pages.
    1. Who the workbook belongs to.
    2. Financial Plan Goal Worksheet: To figure out and identify your financial goals, you might come up with a large list, and that’s fine. I have more than three financial goals, but I make sure to list them in order of importance, and in the order that I want to achieve them.
    3. Membership & Subscription Worksheet: If you are a member of Amazon Prime or Costco, you have a yearly membership fee you need to plan for. Save monthly for these expenses by taking the annual membership fees, and dividing by the number of months until your subscription is due. Don’t forget to include things like magazine subscriptions (hello, Magnolia Journal), gym memberships, or box services (food services or health and beauty subscriptions).
    4. Yearly Savings Goals & Events (Sinking Funds): To start using sinking funds, determine how much you can realistically save every month, and decide what you want to save for.
    5. Yearly Savings Goals Tracker: Put your savings plan into action. Every month, save money for all of your yearly savings goals or sinking fund categories so you can use the cash at a later date. Use the tracker to know how much you save along the way.