Budget By Paycheck WORKBOOK

Live a life you love on a budget that you can afford. The Budget by Paycheck Workbook™ will help you get there!

No other budgeting tool is designed to help you organize your bills, budget your paychecks, track your progress, pay off debt, and save more money, all in one workbook.

Whether you get paid monthly, every other week, or weekly, the Budget by Paycheck Workbook™ is designed to help you easily create a unique paycheck budget and financial plan that is based on your pay schedule (not just monthly).

Create a Budget That Works With Your Everyday Life

Have you created budget after budget, only to feel like you are failing time and time again? Have you worked hard to take control of your money only to find yourself falling even more behind? I have.

As someone who struggled with budgeting for years, I can tell you that there is a way out! I was that mom sitting at the kitchen table wondering how I was going to afford to pay my bills. I carried the heavy weight of debt on my shoulders, struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Throughout my financial journey, I realized that a budget needs to be a true reflection of your life. It’s personal. I wanted to find a resource that could help bring organization to my finances. A tool that could help me budget my money on a pay schedule that worked for me, but also help me pay off debt and save the most of my hard-earned dollars, and–most importantly-help me LIVE the life I always dreamed about without having to constantly worry about money in the back of my mind.

I couldn’t find it. So I decided to create the ultimate budget tool myself.

Introducing the Budget by Paycheck Workbook™.


$40 | Printed Version

  • Create A Plan for EVERY Dollar
  • Budget Your Paychecks
  • Track Your Debt Payoff
  • Organize Your Savings Goals
  • 8.5×11” | 256 Undated Pages in Full Color
  • Pages: #70 Super Smooth Opaque Paper
  • Binding: Twin Loop Wire

FREE Access to: BBP Central & TBM Family Community

$27 | Printable Version

Get all the benefits of the Budget By Paycheck Workbook but in digital format. 256 PDF pages (including cover, tabs, and quotes) with full access to PDF file for personal printing.


The Budget By Paycheck Bundle


Choose between the yellow or purple design

8 Assorted Botanical Cash Envelopes

8 Spending Trackers

Custom hand-drawn design


Financial Goals

Identify your short, medium, and long-term financial goals. Breakdown the details, so you know how much you need to save to be successful.

Reminder Woksheet

Never forget about a subscription payment again. Whether it’s an annual payment that gets pulled automatically from your checking account or a semi-annual expense, be financially prepared for those expenses when they come due.

Yearly Savings Goals

Stop feeling pressured to use your credit card. Saving cash for holidays and events, and having savings goals for specific future expenses can keep you from going into more debt. Use this worksheet to map out up to eight yearly savings goals.

Monthly Budget Calendar

The calendar helps you keep track of bills, shows you what bills to pay with what paycheck, and reminds you of special holidays and events for the entire month, so you don’t forget them in your budget.

Yearly Saving Tracker

Track your savings progress month-to-month. Know how much you have saved for each of your goals at any given time.

Brand New Bill Tracker

There is no other budgeting worksheet like it. Create a plan for your money every time you get paid. Budget your monthly bills, sinking funds, cash envelopes, extra savings, and additional debt payments. Each month includes four bill trackers.

Cash Envelope Breakdown

Organize your cash for the cash envelope method. Not only can you figure out which bills and how many to get of each, but know what bills to use for each envelope ahead of time. Make things easy when you go to the bank by using the cutout bank teller slip.

Money Tracker Worksheet

If you tracked your spending, it’s time to extract the vital information that can make the most significant difference in your financial life. Break down your spending into categories, figure out your realistic budget limits, and compare your spending from month-to-month.

Expense Tracker

Nothing is more important than tracking your spending. Awareness and the ability to know where to cut costs in your budget is crucial. It’s time to see where every dollar is going.

Debt Plan Worksheet

If you are on a debt payoff journey, nothing is more motivational than seeing progress. Write out a list of your debts, their interest rates, minimum payments, and current balances. Use the guided formulas to figure out your monthly progress as well as your overall debt progress using percentages and dollars.

Net Worth Tracker

Get a snapshot of your financial health every month. Track your progress over time by listing out your assets and liabilities.




I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that I stumbled across your blog and page! I have been struggling to get ahead of our finances and it seemed like nothing I did was working. I’m only two weeks into using your method, but I AM OBSESSED!

— Karlie L

My husband and I have always made good money but never used a budgeting method and had got a good amount of credit card debt while starting up our business. I’m so thankful I’ve found your method.

— Kambrie

Hi Miko! Wanted to share a win with you. After starting your budgeting method last October, I set a goal for myself for 2019 to pay off $15k of debt. I did it!

— Jess N

The highlighter method is genius!!! I’ve always kind of budgeted like that but never the way you do and teach it and it’s genius!!! So thank you!!!!

— Jamie T

Although we are still living on a budget, the BBP has showed us that we can still budget, have fun and live a normal life as long as we know where, how and why our money is being spent.

— Dominique

I’m one month into using the workbook and cash envelope system and already I have plans for my finances and have been able to make extra payments on my debt. It has been a game changer and I now feel eager for my future plans instead of anxious about how I will afford it. THANK YOU!

— Danielle P

I’m happy to say that because of your method I’ve paid off 6 credit cards. This is a huge accomplishment for me as I’ve always been someone that was “credit card happy”. Now I live that cash envelope life and couldn’t be happier.

— Britney U

We could live in the here and now, but we have done that long enough. We want to run a successful business and be debt free! We have owned our business for 7 months and my husband has been home more. Thanks to Kumiko and her passion of helping others, we have him home with us again.

— Anna

But that’s not all you get

I realize that a workbook is not going to transform your finances overnight. You need real guidance, you need support and accountability, as well as guided instruction along the way.

The Budget by Paycheck Workbook™ was created especially for YOU: your goals, your dreams, your financial future.

It’s an entire step-by-step system devoted to teaching you how to tackle your finances so you can live a life you love on a budget that you can afford.

Every purchase of the Budget by Paycheck Workbook™ includes tools, support, and video instruction you need to help you implement a personal budgeting system in your own life.

It starts with BBP Central. You will also get access to the private TBM Family Facebook Community.

BBP Central

You’ll get FREE access to an exclusive, members-only center that is filled with over ten instructional videos to help you fill out every worksheet in the Budget by Paycheck Workbook™. Packed full of motivation, real-life-examples, detailed videos, and printable freebies.

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TBM Family Community

You’ll be invited to a private Facebook group available only to The Budget Mom readers, where you can connect with like-minded women and get support from other members who are reaching their financial goals using The Budget by Paycheck Workbook™.

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Since releasing the first edition in 2016, I knew that the BBP Workbook™ had the potential to change people’s financial lives. Over the years, the testimonials I have received has been absolutely astounding. I also knew that small changes could make a world of difference, including offering a BBP Workbook™ that could be mailed directly to your front door.

Here are just a few new features that have been made:

Thicker Cover

We are now using a 24pt C2S Aqueous coated stock.

New Designs

Now you can pick between two different designs. Each design is hand drawn and completely unique.


We have changed the order and layout to some of the pages, making it easier to work on each budget. Spend less time flipping from the front to the back of each month.

Mylar Tabs

Each tab is mylar reinforced, preventing breaking or tearing of monthly tabs.


Please refer to the “What’s New” section just above this to learn more about everything that is new with this workbook.

I understand that this is an investment for your life and future. Committing to an entire workbook is a big decision, and I want you to feel excited and confident with any purchase you make on TBM.

I ask that you review all the information about this product before you commit to buying. Please review all photos in detail, as well as, make sure the dimensions and sizes will work best for your life and will suit your financial needs.

All workbook sales that are mailed directly to your door, unless damaged or defective, are final once shipped. If you buy the printable version, please see my shop policies for further information on printable products.

All workbooks will be shipped 2-3 days after the order is placed. Due to the nature of manufacturing, quantities are limited. In order to guarantee your copy, I recommend placing your order as soon as possible. All workbook orders are shipped out in the order they are received.

For special product launches or events that cause a lot of orders at once, please allow an extra 5 days for processing time.

The Budget by Paycheck Workbook™ is undated, which means you can begin using it any time, and for an entire twelve months.

If you want to ship the Budget by Paycheck Workbook™ internationally, import duties, taxes or other charges are not included in our shipping price. Always make sure that you consult with your country’s customs office prior to purchasing to determine these specific prices.

Please verify your shipping address during the checkout process, prior to submitting your order. I am unable to cancel orders or make changes to order information once the order is finalized and the order shipping label is printed.

The Budget by Paycheck Workbook™ is in high-demand, which means we sell out quickly. We do preorders starting every August and launch new designs and workbooks every October.

The Digital Download version of the BBP Workbook contains all worksheets and tab art as the shipped version of the workbook. There are 247 pages + cover, quotes and tab art. Once you complete your order, you will receive an email with a link to download your product. You will have access to two printable versions:

One-Sided Printing
Two-Sided Printing for Book Binding
Due to the size of the file, many readers find that printing only the worksheets they will need for the month works best for printing costs, not the entire workbook.

The cost of printing the workbook at home varies depending on where you print it and the quality of paper you choose. Printing costs will vary. Here are some affordable printing companies that many readers use for their printing needs:


The workbook launches every year on October 15th. If you ordered during preorders, which start in August, your workbook will ship October 15th – 22nd.


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Welcome, I’m Miko!

Today, I give you permission to find hope with your finances.

I know what it’s like to want a better life, to want more from your dollars, and to find a budgeting method that finally starts showing you signs of success and progress. I want to help you create a realistic budget so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start having fun with the budgeting process.

In my own life, I have discovered life-changing AHA moments and what a difference taking the time to write it all out on paper can make. I wanted to create a resource that allowed me to think outside of the budgeting box so I could tackle my financial goals MY WAY. I genuinely believe that the Budget by Paycheck Workbook™ and my system will allow you to find your own AHA moments.

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