Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the pages of the BBP Workbook™? Let’s talk about the two steps you should accomplish before using your new workbook. Step #1: FIND YOUR WHY - The one thing that I realized on my financial journey is that writing down goals isn’t enough. You have to ask yourself, “WHY are you on your financial journey?” Why should you save? Why should you pay off debt? Why should you keep budgeting your money? Why should you make your financial life better than it is right now? Discovering your PURPOSE can change everything. It’s the underlying reason behind the goals you want to achieve. I’ll tell you right now. Passion isn’t enough. Excitement is not enough. Starting is not enough. You are going to have rough days on your financial journey. You will feel burnt out, you will fail with your budget, you will spend money when you shouldn’t, you will make mistakes, and there are going to be days where you ask yourself, “Why am I even doing this?” Step #2: PREPARE & TRACK YOUR EXPENSES - Knowing where your money is going is vital if you want to be successful with your money. In fact, it’s the foundation for your budget. If you have been asking yourself, “Where did all of my money go?” something is off in your budgeting process. Awareness is the first step and then comes to positive progress. At first, seeing the real numbers of your spending can seem like a slap in the face. But without facing the reality of your spending, you will always be left with confusion and regret. You can’t change your finances for the better without revealing the ugly truth.