The Paycheck Bill Tracker is my budget. When I say, “I create my budget,” I’m talking about filling out my Bill Tracker. The Bill Tracker is a one-of-a-kind printable that allows you to incorporate the Paycheck Method and the Cash Envelope Method into one worksheet. Since I am a paycheck budgeter, I use one Bill Tracker for each paycheck. Remember, I create a budget every time that I get paid. List out the paycheck date at the top with your expected income from that paycheck. Burn Fat, Get Ripped & Reach Your Fitness Goals with Hundreds of Workouts! buy arimidex uk Why Pole Fitness Is the Next Workout Class You Need to Take The Bill Tracker has a lot of working parts, which means you have to perfect the first three steps above to start using it. On the top of the worksheet, there is an area for you to list out your regular bills with the amount due. Here are the steps you need to complete to fill out and use the Bill Tracker:
    • STEP #1: Write down all of the bills you want to pay for that specific paycheck that you wrote down on the top of the form. Use your budget calendar as a reference.
    • STEP #2: Subtract your regular bills from your expected income. Pay your bills online.
    • STEP #3: Use any leftover income after paying your regular bills (labeled with letter “A” on the worksheet) for your cash envelopes.
    • STEP #4: List out all of your cash envelopes and the cash that you want to spend for each spending envelope.
    • STEP #5: Subtract your cash envelope amounts from the income that you had left over after paying your regular bills.
    • STEP #6: Use any leftover income after paying your regular bills and cash envelopes (labeled with letter “B” on the worksheet) for your sinking funds.
    • STEP #7: List all of the things that you are saving for. Use the amounts from your Savings Worksheet and Tracker.
  • STEP #8: Use any leftover income after paying for your sinking funds to make an extra debt payment or savings contribution. If your priority is not paying down debt, then use any leftover income to make an extra savings contribution.
The Bill Tracker was designed to create a zero-based budget. A zero-based budget simply means income minus expenses equals zero. Every dollar of income has a plan and is being somewhere in your budget.

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